Megasonic Tanks

Special solutions, in mass production

The transducer plates are integrated in two sidewalls of an outside tank which is in junction with a quartz glass process tank. The Megasonic sound waves are transmitted by a transfer medium (DI-water) indirect into the process tank.
The Transducer-Array on each Transducer plate is fragmented into 4 sections. Each section operates by 500 Watt and the frequency of 1 MHz. All the piezoceramics of one Transducer plate are activated at the same time by the total power of 2000 Watt.
The HF power of the generator is programmed in a time ramp of 8 seconds to drive the complete transducer array of the right side wall and then of the left one.

The Megasonic system is featured by a very compact design and an optimised liquid streaming.

The Megasonic System is especially developed for the wet process systems for the production of semi-conductor wafer.

Particular for the SC1 cleaning processes and “Final Rinse” applications with temperatures from
20°C up to app. 75°C by 50 pieces of 300 mm wafer.